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Spiritual support

Nicole B.

Jen is a gifted healer. I have been very happy with how relaxed I feel after her sessions. Jen makes sense of the thoughts and intuition one accesses during the healing sessions. She is surprisingly always able to pick up on my dormant concerns I hadn't even mentioned within my goals for the session. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to move past illnesses or injuries, heal from trauma, find clarity in their thinking, or access their own inner wisdom.


Julie U.

My reading with Jen was outstanding. I asked her about a general topic I wanted advice on. She immediately zeroed in on a specific thing that deep down I had been feeling was the root of the issue. This confirmed to me that I was on the right track and gave me much comfort. For the rest of the reading, she continued to give me spot-on specific information and wisdom pertaining to several other topics. At the end, I walked away feeling like I had a handle on how to tackle my career, health, and more. I highly recommend Jen—she is very gifted and in tune with higher guidance!

Healing Energy

Lulu B.

Jen has a loving and reassuring energy you can feel as soon as she walks in the room. In her Reiki practice, she instills immediate calm and restores order to the mind, body and spirit. When Jen worked on me, I was at the end of my third trimester and anxious for my baby to arrive. I was a week overdue, but at the end of our session, I went into labor!

Channel Writing

Loury A.

I highly recommend you get a reading with Jen. Her welcoming and  compassionate nature made me feel so supported and loved.  She was so detailed and profound, that I was able to identify things in my life that I need to focus on to heal and bring out my full potential in this lifetime. Jen's reading has been a life changing event for me and showed me I am now on my journey to uncover my creativity and unlock my potential and embrace my purpose in life so I can it share with the world.


Theresa N.

Jen is an amazing Reiki Master Practitioner. She has truly made a difference in my life. I really enjoy going for a session, as her calm demeanor puts me at ease and our post-Reiki chats are always so comforting and reassuring. I've learned a lot about myself since starting Reiki sessions with Jen and thank her so much for pushing me forward.


Vanda H.

I have been going to see Jen for Reiki for 3 years and I treasure my time on 'the table'. It helps me to balance and get centered. I also find it especially helpful to detoxify my system from the negativity and anger that often surrounds my day to day life. I leave feeling peaceful and stronger. That is a tremendous gift.


Alex S.

My session with Jen was great! She gave me insight that helped me see greater possibilities for my life. She was able to help me identify the different dynamics that were at play. She advised me on how I could deal with these elements to help me get to the place I am looking to go. I am so grateful!


Dorie C.

Working with Jen was so insightful. She was able to tell  me things that absolutely resonated with me and open up new avenues for  me to pursue. I was definitely at a crossroads and the session helped provide clarity of what direction to take.

I highly recommend her!


Annie R.

Jen is a very gifted animal communicator that has helped my cat Manxy and I through many major life changes. She helps me connect with him to improve his quality of life, and is very skilled in translating his messages and feelings into useful information for me. Her services were highly instrumental when we moved to a new place, as she was able to help me manage his anxiety from all of the changes. I am so blessed to have her on my team to connect with my little prince, and I know he appreciates the communication as well! I feel our sessions have brought Manxy and I closer on a soul level, and she helps me to be the best guardian I can to him. I highly recommend Jen to anyone who wants to connect with their animals on a deeper level!

Intuitive Readings

Sara R 

It was so easy to talk to Jen and she made me comfortable straight away. She already received messages for me before I arrived! Jen was very clear and resolute in the guidance she had received to share with me. It was an easy conversation and I came away with my questions answered. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Jen!


Yvonne M. 

I saw Jen for a Reiki session a couple of days prior to a surgery that I was scheduled for. I was nervous and anxious about the surgery and didn't feel like I could relax. As soon as Jen began the session, I felt better. She has the most calming nature and she focused over the areas of my body that most needed it. After

the session, I felt like a different person - so calm and strong and ready for what was to come. Jen is amazing - and the surgery was a success!


Felicia G.

As a foster dog mom, I have had the privilege of working with Jen on several occasions. Our pups come from all kinds of stressful conditions and then find themselves in a new temporary home surrounded by strangers. Jen is somehow able to relax these little guys into a calm state. They are drawn to her, and the energy she shares. Separately, she always gives a little extra of her time, love & energy to our forever dog, who absolutely adores her. Obviously!


Katie C.

As an intuitive person who had never experienced channel writing, Jen introduced me to a completely new way of connecting with myself. She was thorough, supportive and her guided meditations took me to places I certainly wouldn't have gone on my own! With the guidance of this course, my connection to spirit as well as my higher self has changed. I can't recommend working with Jen highly enough; if you're stuck, or simply want to take that journey deeper into yourself, Jen is the loving hand to take you there.

Spiritual Ascensin

Rosanna S.

Jen's channel writing classes truly helped me build confidence in my ability to connect with my guides, and trust the messages I receive during meditation. Jen is a good listener, she is thorough in her teachings, and her guided meditations are designed to put your rational mind in a state of true relaxation. She knows how to help you create space in your mind to allow uninterrupted communication between you and your guides. If you want to learn new ways to connect with your guides, then this class is right for you. You'll be glad you took this class!


Mercy V.

Jen's channel writing workshop was truly motivational and inspiring. I love how she begins each session with a grounding meditation. I though we would just get in the zone and write, however the way that Jen leads you through the meditations not only helps you ground and relax, but opens up the doorway to your sixth sense even more. I felt so at ease and ready to receive and communicate with whatever spirit, guides, or entities that wanted to connect with me. This process allowed me to receive answers to questions I was pondering about, divine messages and unexpected insights. I felt calmer throughout my day. What a bonus! You are in good hands with Jen!

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