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Welcome to Jen's Universe!

Spiritual Support for All.

My name is Jen Halpern and whether you're seeking to overcome physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges, I'm here to support you on your healing journey.

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner for People and Animals, Intuitive Consultant, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Medium, Channel Writing 
Teacher and Meditation Guide.

 A little about me...

I began my spiritual journey as a Reiki Master practitioner, During sessions with clients, I started to receive messages from Spirit for them. They were always loving insights tailored to the individual or animal I was treating. This inspired me to further my abilities and learn how to communicate with the other side. I now delight in providing Reiki, Intuitive Readings, and Animal Communication services to my clients. In addition, I teach channel writing to students—a beautiful method for connecting with Spirit and receiving personal answers through the written word. Through this practice, individuals can uncover the Divine spark within themselves. My aim with all of these offerings is to support self-love, emotional well-being, and happiness along each person or animal's journey. 

Jen Halpern, Jen's Universe



Reiki Treatments for People

Relaxing and rejuvenating Reiki treatments to help with energy flow, balance and healing

of your mind and body. Distance healing and in-person sessions available.

Intuitive Readings &
Mediumship Sessions

Receive guidance on any questions you currently have, find out what you need to know right now, or connect with family or friends who have crossed over.

Animal Reiki & Communication

Reiki to help your fur babies with their healing or communication sessions to connect and understand your companion animals better.

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When we sat down to begin our intuitive reading, I had no idea how much information and the diverse crew of angels that would show up for us!  Jen's abiding presence and humor are only two more of the gifts she brought to our consultation.  I am still mining the data that was revealed, and finding even deeper understanding of all that was uncovered.

Jen Halpern is an immensely sensitive, kind and talented Intuitive, who will make you feel relaxed and at ease throughout your holistic session.Her abilities will resonate far beyond the session and leave you with a deep sense of calm. Diagnostically, she was right on about some medical issues I had been experiencing. Since my visit, they have vastly improved. Jen is a healer of mind, body and soul.

Amy W.

Eva S.

Sharing an Animal Reiki session with our dog, Teddy was one of the most relaxing, special & bonding experiences we've all had together. The love Jen has in her heart for animals is a huge reason why this experience was so healing and special. I absolutely recommend Reiki with Jen for any person or animal you love. If you have the opportunity to receive it together, I truly recommend that the most!

Heather R.

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